Our Story

“Civilization begins with soap.”

— Galveston Times

The Idea

Handcrafted soaps from our family to yours.
The legend of soap discuss how our forebears used the ash from their wood fires in order to clean their clothing. Serendipitously, they discovered that when attempting to wash away animal fat with this wood ash, a sudsy material formed. In this primordial chemistry, soap had been discovered.
This chemical reaction, saponification, has changed civilization.
triglyceride + strong base
fatty acid salt + glycerin
It is the fatty acid salt which does the heavy lifting in soap, combining oil with water. Bitter enemies brought together.
Although this basic method has been improved and industrialized and economized with time, the original recipe still works as well or even better. The Avenue Soap Co. is bringing soap back to its roots to produce a quality bar.

The Process

The soaps made at The Avenue Soap Co are produced using traditional soap making methods.  All products begin from the natural state, as oils pressed from the fruits and nuts of plants.
Combining various oils together in specific ratios for their unique properties, we tailor the formula of each soap we make.
These combined oils are then treated with lye to convert the oils to soap though a technique called "cold process". Fragrances and pigments are then hand mix into the fresh soap.
The soap is cast into a handcrafted wooden mold to set up overnight.  The soap is then cut into slices and then let to set and dry for several weeks.
At the conclusion of this process, we are left with a set of soap bar, each singular in its appearance.

The Soapers

Lifetime Maryland residents, Kevin and Alycia moved to Carroll County in 2006.  Since then they have welcomed two little boys into their family, the most recent arriving in October 2016.  Kevin, a PhD-holding analytical chemist, has always been interested in the saponification process. The morning after the 2nd boy was born, Kevin told Alycia he was going to make soap. You know... For fun. Because they didn't have enough to do already. Although skeptical, Alycia made some fragrance request.  After copious amounts of research and developing a few recipes, the first batches were prepared and curing.
This quirky project spun off into a family soaping business after realizing that soap batches makes more than a single household could possibly use.  Kevin credits his oldest son for the final decision to open The Avenue Soap Co.  In November, after a long and quiet car ride Kevin asked his toddler, “Would you like to get into the soaping business?” where the 2 year old emphatically responded, “YES!”  Since then we have been making soaps that look and smell good enough to eat. However, as our toddler reminds us, “Don't eat the soap!”

100% Handmade

The Avenue Soap Co. is 100% homemade in Kevin's soaping laboratory (a.k.a. the kitchen).  We are happy to be part of the coolest small town in America, and we encourage you to shop local because independent businesses help to give this great community its distinct personality.
 When you purchase from The Avenue Soap Co., you are buying from an artist who has enjoyed making soap for you, your family, and friends.  We use quality ingredients and our products are unique; made with love, care and thought.
 We encourage you to give the gift of homemade as it is the essence of gift-giving.  A handcrafted gift conveys much more than something plucked from a store shelf.  And you know that no one will be giving the same gift as you.
Of course there are the obvious economic benefits of supporting independent makers artists, but buying and giving handmade is, at heart, a loving act.
Besides, why not trust a chemist to create your soaps.